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Fishing Shack in Kittery, Maine

This little Badger’s Island fishing shack has a beautiful view of the Portsmouth waterfront.

When you visit New Hampshire, you should plan to drive, especially if you are going along the coast. It is a pretty drive, with plenty of beach areas to dip into and beautiful little towns to enjoy. We stopped twice in New Hampshire, once for lunch and once to enjoy a lovely, but frozen walk along a beach. We also went back across the bridge to Badger’s Island in Kittery, Maine. Kate’s Bakery is so close to Portsmouth that it actually appears on Portsmouth’s chamber of commerce website and has great views of the town.

Best Clam Chowder - Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Portsmouth, New Hampshire

We came to Portsmouth for lobster rolls. They weren’t bad, but they weren’t the best thing we ate that day. Nope. We headed out of town after eating the best clam chowder we’ve ever had. Sander’s Fish Market, where we had lunch, has outstanding chowder. There are just a few tables in the market for people wanting a sit down meal and the soup was a scoop your own deal. Several types of sandwiches are available made to order, but the market also sells fresh seafood, drinks and snacks. We enjoyed New Hampshire bottled root beer along with our meals. (We try to find local root beer everywhere we go. There are as many regional differences in this refreshing beverage as there are in locally brewed beers of the alcoholic variety!)

I braved the snowy, winter-like weather long enough to check out a few of the side streets. I love the saltbox style homes.

The Sahara is a little warmer

The Sahara is a little warmer

Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

After we left Portsmouth, we meandered along the coast til we found a lovely little place called Hampton Beach. The boardwalk looks like it would be a lot of fun in summer months. Unfortunately, when we were there, it was not warm at all. It was very cold and very blustery. Since it was too cold to actually get anywhere near the water, the kids amused themselves by pretending they were stranded in a wind storm on the Sahara. The blowing sands made it all look very realistic if you could forget that you were freezing! The beach was gorgeous and so clean. We’ll have to come back again during a warmer part of the year and see the town all decked out in it’s summer finery!

As we left this beautiful New England state, it was with a promise to ourselves to visit again for a longer stay.


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    • KateTravels Post author

      I’m planning to visit the UK next summer. I have most of the East coast and some of the mid-west done, so I’ve got a ways to go and I don’t have to fly across the ocean first! New Hampshire is absolutely beautiful, as is Maine. I highly recommend both states, especially if you like lobster and clam chowder.