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holy donut shopfrontThe Holy Donut is on a lot of top ten lists. In my opinion, all these lists have one mistake. It isn’t in the number one spot. These rounds of goodness are made with potato dough and are just incredible. I will, of course, continue to test donuts far and wide in my search for the best of the best, but have yet to meet one that bumps this shop down to a lower spot on my list. Combine the fresh, mostly locally sourced ingredients, the bold flavor combinations, the overall taste of these donuts, and the shop’s off beat decor and it is no wonder that we have a winner!

If you want to have a wide selection available, show up well before noon and be prepared to stand in a bit of a line. Can’t make it before noon? Even more exotic flavors, such as the ginger glazed cannoli donut I ate, are delicious. Just make sure you get there before they sell out, because once the day’s stock is sold, the store closes until the next morning!

Awesome news for anyone with gluten sensitivity – there are three flavors that are gluten free! Cinnamon sugar, dark chocolate sea salt and glazed options are available.



For More Information:

Original Location
194 Park Avenue
Portland, ME 04102

(207) 874-7774

Second Location
7 Exchange Street
Portland, ME 04101

(207) 775-7776


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