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We are heading to Iceland this winter in hopes of seeing the Northern Lights. I’m bringing my Olympic mirrorless gear, so I’ll need all the help I can get to create great images. (This is my go to travel photography gear because it is lighter and less expensive, but it still is not as good as my Canon gear. I save that for wedding photography and fairy portraits at home because it is very heavy and the lenses are so expensive that I found myself playing it safe on vacations. Gear you carry everywhere and use is better than gear you leave in the room…)

Anyway, I came across a video produced by the Iceland tourism office about the Northern Lights. If you watch a few videos, you’ll see that they are going for kind of funny and entertaining, while still imparting useful information.

So, the key information in this video? Bring extra batteries and keep them warm. I plan to tuck them in an inner pocket in my coat. Other tips for success I have gathered include:

  • Stash your gear in your camera bag and let it re-acclimate to the indoors gradually to reduce the chance of ruining your lenses with condensation. (I am going to try a new tip I discovered that recommends sealing it in a Ziplock bag with silica gel, too.)
  • Make sure your camera settings are right for capturing the movement of the lights.
  • Consider lightweight glove liners to keep your hands warm when you have to take off your bulky outer gloves. (Affiliate link. These are the gloves I bought.)

Fingers crossed that I see the Northern Lights when I am there! I am purposefully going to Iceland in December because I want to see them. Otherwise, I’d be planning a summer trip and enjoying long sunny days (as much as 21 hours of sun!) exploring this beautiful island.


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