One Hundred Things Travel Edition

I like lists. I do. They’re everywhere. So, naturally, I wanted a list of things I want to do travel-wise. I thought of a bucket list, but it seems like a race to get stuff in before I kick the bucket. For some reason, a list of 100 things I want to see or do seems less stressful. So here it is…One hundred things travel edition.

World Travel

    1. Bonn, Germany – I discovered this charming town through a blog post of another travel writer, Sophia Without Borders, and fell in love. I so want to see Beethoven’s birthplace and the lovely Poppelsdorf Palace.
    2. Freiburg, Germany and the Black Forest – A fairytale town and a sinister forest…
    3. Montenerodomo, Italy – I have ancestors from there, so…
    4. Tuscany, Italy – It seems like it would be a magical place.
    5. Almafi Coast, Italy – Terror and beauty. That road seems beyond horrifically scary, but, oh the towns.
    6. Burano, Italy – Because I love brightly colored houses and want to see those blinding colors in person.
    7. Ireland – More ancestors. Plus, green.
    8. Clare Island, Ireland – A gorgeous island off the coast.
    9. Scotland – Shhh. Some of the ancestors in Ireland are Scots Irish.
    10. Wales – I’ve wanted to visit Wales since I was about 10 and met a few Welsh people who talked about how beautiful it is.
    11. Bath – Jane Austen and all those other classic authors have me dreaming of seeing Bath in person.
    12. Hampshire – Obviously, I also want to check out where Austen spent her last years.
    13. Derbyshire – Chatsworth House, used as Pemberley in one of the movies and an estate named in one of Austen’s novels, can be found here.
    14. Newbury – Highclere Castle, where Jeeves and Wooster and Downton Abbey were filmed is here.
    15. Bibury, England – Obviously, I would want to see a place that people claim is the most beautiful village in the UK.
    16. Amsterdam – Tulips and windmills, but also architecture and good food.
    17. More of Azores – I loved Sao Miguel, but now the other islands are calling my name.
    18. Lisbon, Portugal
    19. Sintra, Portugal
    20. Algarve, Portugal – Three Portuguese destinations that are completely unique and amazing in their own way? Yes, please.
    21. Colmar, France – Is it terribly weird that I don’t have a burning urge to see Paris? And I just realized London isn’t on my list, either. I’m sure I’ll go through them both to get to other places, but I am drawn to little, beautiful places like Colmar and really hope to see it in person someday.
    22. Niagra Falls, Canada – I’ve been there before, but I was 5. I want to see the falls again, from the Canadian side, just as I did then. I wonder if they will still seem enormous.
    23. Peru
    24. Bermuda
    25. Iceland – to see the Northern lights. Doing this December 2016
    26. Zurich region, Switzerland – Food, museums and fun things for the kids to do.
    27. Fribourg Region, Switzerland – Chocolate, Gruyères and beautiful scenery.

USA Travel

  1.  Coney Island, NY – I have been to NYC so many times and have spent a number of weekends in upstate New York, but never got to the tourist stuff.
  2. Statue of Liberty – Another tourist thing I’ve never done
  3. Harper’s Ferry, WV
  4. Smith Island, Maryland – Pelicans!!
  5. Smokey Mountains again – Because once wasn’t enough
  6. Outer banks, NC
  7. Alaskan cruise
  8. Betterton beach, MD
  9. Terrapin Park, Queen Anne County, MD
  10. Matapeake Park, Stevensville, MD
  11. Rock Hall beach at sunset
  12. Dewey Beach, DE
  13. Bethany Beach, DE
  14. Fenwick Island, DE
  15. Trap Pond State Park, DE – Cyprus!!!
  16. Assateague – I have been before, but we’ll try again without the jellyfish sting incident…
  17. Amalia, New Mexico – Tons of wildlife and fields of wildflowers
  18. Massachusetts – Eric Carle Museum
  19. Florida keys
  20. St. Petersburg, Florida
  21. Wisconsin – cheese!
  22. Detroit, Michigan revitilization
  23. Pueblo ruins, Arizona
  24. St. Michaels, MD
  25. Tilghman Island, MD – It is about to disappear

Things to Do

  1. Get in the car and drive for a day in any direction but East. (Ocean is too close.)
  2. Take a train ride.

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Kate loves to explore new places. She often begins planning her next trip before her suitcase is unpacked! She is currently working on her goal of fifty by 50, with detours to places outside the USA or trips back to states she's already visited to discover new towns or enjoy new sights. In addition to travel, Kate is passionate about photography, dabbles in painting and cannot start her mornings without a good cup of tea. Her most recent travels were to Rhode Island and the Azores. She will also be traveling to the Eastern shore of Maryland and Iceland in 2016.

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