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Right before Portsmouth, New Hampshire, so close that it actually appears on Portsmouth’s visitor website, there’s a small waterfront bakery. We came across it as we were driving through town on our way to lunch in Portsmouth. As soon as she saw the name, my sister said we had to come back to Kate’s for dessert. So, we did. (And she bought me a mug. Thanks, Sis!)

There were quite a few mouth watering treats to choose from. We ended up buying everything to go, as we were stuffed from lunch. I got an assortment of OMG’s, which are caramel and raspberry shortbread cookies. They were definitely worth the calories. Yum! The boys ordered whoopie pies and cinnamon buns. From their sugar smeared faces, I deduced that they enjoyed their treats, too.

Kate’s also serves breakfast sandwiches and lunch.

For More Information:

Kate’s Bakery and Cafe
One Badger’s Island West
Kittery Maine 03904
Phone 207 703 2655

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