Indian Echo Caverns – Hummelstown, Pennsylvania

Yes, Indian Echo Caverns in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, is a bit of a tourist trap. That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth visiting, though. It is a nice limestone cavern with some interesting history. (Where else do you get to see the spot where a grieving hermit who lost his beloved sister lived underground til the day he died many years later?) The formations are nice and there are some gorgeous underground lakes, too. Our guide was entertaining and full of stories of the local history. I recommend going on a day with drizzly or cool weather, as people seem to flock there during the hot summer months. (And, hey, why not, what with that welcome coolness drawing them in! It was in the 50’s inside the caverns when we went and apparently remains constantly cool year round.)

The caverns were easy enough for a 4 year old child to navigate. They do turn off the lights for a few moments in one area, but not for long. Over all, it is well lit and easy to navigate. The toughest part is getting there and then back up to the gift shop and parking lot, as it is over 70 steps each way. It isn’t as big as some caverns, but it is a good size for exploring with kids who don’t necessarily have an interest in geology. And I thought it was kind of cool to be able to point out that if you graffiti something, you could mess it up for people who wanted to see it over 100¬†years later. (Thanks, Roush’s Pretzels, et al, for the lesson…)

For More Information:

Indian Echo Caverns
368 Middletown Road
Hummelstown, PA 17036

Phone: (717) 566-8131

indian caverns entrance

Entrance into the Caverns with sunflare in the upper corner. 

Indian Echo Caverns

Cave ceiling with rock formations

Indian echo caverns

This one reminds me of a little ghost. The white stone that looks like drippy icing is called flow stone.

lichen near caverns

Lichen on a rock near the caverns

indian echo caverns

Scratches in the rock

Formation in caverns

More formations in Indian Caverns

Indian echo caverns

Outcrop where people who aren’t careful bang their heads. (Ouch.)

formations in caverns

My favorite formation. For some reason, it reminds me of a sheep.

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