Gilbert’s Chowder House – Best Places to Enjoy Maine Lobster 2

Gilbert's Chowder House
We were in Maine well before the lobster shacks opened for the tourist season, but we had a real lobster lover with us and wanted to have at least one meal where fresh Maine lobster was the highlight. We pretty much tried Gilbert’s Chowder House on a whim. It was there. It was open. It served lobster. We’re glad we did. The restaurant was pretty busy with locals enjoying lunch, which is the best way to tell if a place serves good food!

The lobster was cooked to perfection. It certainly wasn’t massive, but I felt like it was a decent size for the price. They had a great special on two lobsters, but the rest of us opted Lobsterfor a variety of other dishes, including their award winning clam chowder.

The chowder was good and packed with clams, but I think the lobster rolls and lobster were actually the highlight of the meal. I had excellent fried clams and the french fries that came with my entree were perfectly cooked.

The waitstaff was friendly and children were definitely welcome. I’d absolutely visit Gilbert’s again if I was looking for a good seafood meal. The ambiance (the walls were decorated with lobstermen’s gear and it has a beloved local diner feel) and nice view of the Custom House Wharf made the place pretty appealing.


American Herring Gulls hanging out on a nearby roof.

For More Information:

Gilbert’s Chowder House

92 Commercial Street

Portland, ME

(207) 871-5636



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