My First Glimpse of Sao Miguel, Azores

First glimpse of Sao MiguelI am slightly bummed to be heading into Sao Miguel, Azores without a window seat. I love that first moment when l glimpse land, when I get the bird’s eye view of the place l am visiting for the first time. My neighbor on this flight, a lovely woman originally from Azores who has lived in the New Hampshire area for over 30 years, comes back down the aisle from stretching her legs to tell me she has discovered an old friend sitting all alone in the back of the plane. Would I mind…

I temper my enthusiasm, but inside I am about three years old and someone has offered me a root beer flavored lollipop. (Although part of me is sorry not to hear more about the Holy Ghost Festival many of the people on the flight are coming home for and Saturday’s parade, which she says is beautiful, so beautiful. She is excited to be finally seeing it live instead of on the Portuguese T.V. channel back in the U.S. She has also mentioned more than once that I will love the country and it is so beautiful. More beautiful than any of the pictures I have seen of the Azores.) I assure her I don’t mind at all if she goes to sit with her friend and even wait 30 whole seconds after she gets her luggage to switch to the window seat.

The sun sets. Still, I press my nose to the window and stare toward the ground when we begin our descent. Even in darkness, that first look is absolutely magical. The quick iPhone photo I snap through several layers of the plane’s window glass doesn’t do it justice and I realize my former seatmate is probably right. The photos I’ve looked at simply cannot capture the true beauty of this magical island.

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