The Drunk’n Baker – Smyrna, Delaware Restaurant

On my way to visit Bombay Hook in search of spring birds, I drove through the charming small town of Smyrna. It has been a few years since I visited, but I was immediately drawn to a sweet little shop and turned back around to check it out. I’m glad I did. The Drunk’n Baker was the perfect place to pick up some breakfast treats to tide me over til late afternoon. It was a hard choice, but I finally decided to order the bacon, egg and cheese breakfast pastry. My traveling companion, my mom, selected the apple crumb muffin.

We ended up splitting our selections. The muffin was quite good and I’d order it again. The breakfast pastry? I said a lot of things as I ate my half. “Yum” and “Wow” were two of them. But let’s go with my mom’s comment. She rarely raves about food. Yet, as she took her last bite, she said, “Can’t go wrong with this.” I agree. A wonderful blend of flavors wrapped in a light, flaky pastry. Absolutely a winner!

I hope to stop by again sometime in the near future to try some of the creative lunch menu items I read about.

For More Information:

The Drunk’n Baker

1 North Main Street,

Smyrna, DE 19977

Phone: 302-389-6807

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