Disclosure and Advertising Information


As a travel blogger, I usually pay my own way when exploring the world, whether it be airline flights, hotel and resort stays, museum visits, or dining experiences. At times, I do receive discounts or complimentary stays and admissions at the places I am exploring. I also occasionally receive complimentary products for review. When this is the case, reviews and posts will state that the service or product was comped for review purposes.

Whether I am traveling completely on my own dime or am traveling because of a complimentary stay, I do my best to provide impartial reviews based on my actual feelings and experiences during my trip. If they come along for the trip, I also tend to poll the kids and other family members to give more depth to the review. Of course, just because I have had a fabulous experience or a not so great experience in a place, this may not be the case during your stay. My reviews reflect my experience at the location I am reviewing at that point in time.

I do have some advertising on my site, as well as affiliate links. I do receive compensation for ads and for purchases made through affiliate links, but do not provide these links for products or sites unless I’ve used them myself or plan to use them in the future.

I have not written any sponsored posts at this time, but may do so in the future if it is for a service, product, or location I already had planned to write about. In the event that I do write a sponsored post, I will inform my readers that it is indeed a sponsored post in the final paragraph of the article.

What if my experience isn’t perfect? Well, it is hard to have a perfect trip, so it happens. If I go someplace and there are some things I don’t like about an experience, but there are things I do like to balance it out, I will review it in a manner that is as fair and balanced as possible.

For Advertisers

My travels tend to involve family and are often to family friendly destinations as opposed to couples resorts. I also sometimes travel solo or with my baby boomer generation mom. Regardless of who I travel with, we prefer to explore on our own over taking tours, as we find new and fascinating places. If we do take a tour, we often add a few extra days to explore on our own to our itinerary. Even the kids in this family are foodies and quite adventurous in their dining tastes, so we tend to visit several upscale dining establishments on our travels.

My readers are primarily college educated, busy women with families who plan a few special trips each year. They may be parents or grandparents and often bring three generations with them on their trips. They want to create wonderful memories and show their children how vast and amazing the world is so that they grow up with a global view and appreciation of diverse people and cultures. They enjoy reading about different places, tips for traveling with families and products that will make travel with several generations easier.

Interested in advertising on Kate Escapes or its sister site See Delmarva? If you’d like to learn more about advertising, having me write a sponsored post, or have a service, product, or location that you would like me to review, please contact me.