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Cais 20 salmon

Salmon plate at Cais 20

When we were chatting with the bartender at Pedras do Mar, he mentioned that his favorite restaurant is Cais 20 in Ponta Delgada. We looked at the menu online the night before we headed out to explore the area. Meh. The menu posted online seemed a little limited. Luckily, we decided to go with the bartender’s recommendation anyway, because it turned out the online menu was simply the economic page of the actual menu, which is extensive. This restaurant served our best overall meal in Sao Miguel.

The wait staff was welcoming and we were quickly seated at an empty table. (If you want a table with a view, I’d advise making reservations instead of walking in. The tables in the room with the window overlooking the sea were all full when we arrived.) After some debate, we decided not to order the seafood rice the bartender had recommended, since we’d eaten it at another restaurant the day before. Instead, we decided to order chicken and rice, shark steaks (actually swordfish, I think), mussels, sirloin in a skewer and salmon. I saw some other tables order the seafood rice, though, and this traditional Portuguese stew definitely is too much for one person to eat!

swordfish at Cais 20

Swordfish/Shark plate at Cais 20

Everything was delicious, but the mussels were out of this world and we agreed we’d order two plates if we ate at Cais 20 again. The rice, which we actually ordered an additional bowl of, was also incredible. It was cooked with garlic and very flavorful. If you are feeling like you need something a bit mild, but still delicious, I highly recommend the chicken and rice.


  • It is sometimes tough to find parking in the area and because the restaurant is so good, Cais 20’s private parking lot can get pretty crowded. Check with the staff if you don’t see a parking space available. They will help you find a spot even if it means parking in two other cars and tucking your car vertically to the others in a tiny spot!
  • If you haven’t eaten at many Azorean restaurants, you may not realize after glancing at the menu that anything listed as fried is actually usually grilled. Also, skewer doesn’t mean little chunks of meat on a stick. You’re getting a decent sized steak or what have you.

For More Information:

Cais 20 Restaurant (Pier 20)

2ª Rua-Rua Terreiro 11 São Roque
9500-713 Ponta Delgada

Phone: 296 384 811

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