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Waterfall in the Azores - iPhone to computer and then uploaded.

Waterfall in the Azores – iPhone to computer via Photo Transfer App and then uploaded to the blog

I take a lot of iPhone photos. I could delete them to make room for new ones, but then I’d lose the memories. I could pay for iPhone storage in the cloud and keep them all. I actually did exactly that for a few months, but I wasn’t happy. Then, I came across an app that enabled me to backup my iPhone photos and have fun playing with editing apps, Photoshop and Corel Paint. It is the perfect solution for me.

Use Photo Transfer App to Backup Your iPhone Photos

The Photo Transfer App allows me to send photos back and forth between my PC and devices. I send all my photos to a folder on my PC after a trip and then back them up again from there to my external hard drive. I can open them in software on my PC to edit them and upload them into blog posts. I can also take photos on my PC and send them to my phone using the app, which means I can use my favorite apps, like Mextures and Haiku HD, to edit photos I’ve taken with my Olympus micro 4/3 gear. I don’t usually pay for apps, but this one is certainly worth it to me. It is currently $2.99 in the Apple store and is also available for Android.

Snapfish iPhone Backup

My sister has a different solution for backing up her phone’s photos. She uploads them all to Snapfish and then prints her favorites, giving her a great way to see her trip photos right in front of her every day. While I am a bit of a print lab snob and use a professional photography lab for anything I print, she is happy with the quality of her photos. She’s not looking for fine art prints – just printed memories.

Do you have a different solution for backing up your photos and finding space for more photos? I’m always looking for a better alternative, so please share if you have one!

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7 thoughts on “How I Backup My iPhone Photos – Making Space for More iPhone Photos

  • Sophia

    This is some great info! I once lost ALL my photos from an amazing trip to Germany in 2012 and never got them back, simply due to a storage issue. I wish I had read this post beforehand. Thank you for the great advice!

  • Karen

    Good idea… I’m saying this as someone who has taken majority of their pictures on an iPhone at the moment! I also love mextures although the editing can be a bit heavy-handed sometimes.

    • KateTravels Post author

      Yes, you need to adjust Mextures if you use the filters. I usually use apps like this to prep a piece I am doing as a digital painting.

  • Sara Essop

    These are useful tips thank you. I always have a problem with photos taking up too much space on my phone and I don’t have the heart to delete them from my phone, even though I have back-up copies on my PC.

    • KateTravels Post author

      I keep my favorite image from each trip on my phone still because I like to smile at the memories. Also, I back up to an external hard drive and an online site once I upload the images to the computer, so I have two additional copies.

  • elijahclin

    Nice tips! And I used the FonePaw iOS Transfer which is a popular transfer tool. You can use it to backup your iPhone/iPad/iPod without iTunes. Like contacts, photos, songs and so on, you can transfer this files between iOS device and computer(Window or Mac). Of course, you can transfer your photos to your computer or some external hard drive, then you can get more storage of your iPhone.