Azores Islands Wildlife – Common Birds of Sao Miguel

Sao Miguel is one of the better islands for birdwatching. Oddly enough, the birds seem to be a bit scarce when I travel with children. Possibly because even when they are trying to be still and quiet, kids are…well, they are kids. The trade off is worth it, as I always feel like the kids show me so many things I wouldn’t notice if I was only traveling with other adults. Luckily, I was able to head off by myself a few times to explore a path or seaside spot and I came across a few birds of the Azores:

European Robin

European robin – This perky little orange chested bird is very common on Sao Miguel. I saw a ton of them at Furnas.


Muscovy duck

Muscovy duck – I saw these guys several different places. They seem to have naturalized.



Azorean Chaffinch


Azorean Chaffinch

Azorean Chaffinch up close. They are super cute little guys and fun to watch!


Atlantic canary

Atlantic canary – No wonder he had a pretty song!


Azorean Grey Wagtail

I believe this is an Azorean Grey Wagtail fledgling. It is tough to identify a baby bird from the back, so I’m not positive with this one!


Grey Wagtail

Azorean Grey Wagtail adult.


Azorean Blackbird

Azorean Blackbird – One of the smallest blackbird species. Beautiful song!

And the littlest member of our travel group borrowed my camera and went a bit paparazzi on the ducks at Furnas. Here is one of his best photos:


I assume this is how someone invented duck, duck, goose? They were running laps back and forth and were quite amusing to watch.

Planning a visit to Terra Nostra, Furnas, or one of the many beautiful natural areas in Sao Miguel? Here’s a Pinterest ready image for you:

Birds of the Azores

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