Blue Lagoon
Iceland is a magical place, filled with natural wonders and amazing things to experience. We traveled there in the beginning of December and had about 4.75 hours of light a day. The city is very well lit, though, so we spent quite a few enjoyable hours exploring shops and restaurants […]

…To Iceland – Winter in Reykjavik

The first thing I did when my sister asked if I wanted to visit Azores for our big trip this year was to look up exactly where these islands were. I confess, I kind of thought they were somewhere around South America. My 11th grade geography teacher would be devastated, as […]

…To The Azores – Portuguese Islands

When you visit New Hampshire, you should plan to drive, especially if you are going along the coast. It is a pretty drive, with plenty of beach areas to dip into and beautiful little towns to enjoy. We stopped twice in New Hampshire, once for lunch and once to enjoy a […]

…To New Hampshire

I have always wanted to visit Maine. Anywhere with a population of fishermen and coastal areas feels like home to me. Maybe because some of my fondest childhood memories are of going out on the boat with my grandfather. (He let me take the wheel once and only once. In […]

…To Maine

Downtown Chicago
It has been rumored that Chicago is windy and cold. I visited this beautiful city in March and wore a sweater the entire trip. The coat stayed in my suitcase. Perhaps I was just fortunate, but except for a rainy evening and a downpour on the morning I traveled to the […]

…To Illinois